Terrace "Ain't" (video)

Terrace "Ain't" (video)
Vancouver electro-pop newcomers Terrace previously promised that a music video for their single "Ain't" was on the way, and sure enough, they've released a clip for the beat-heavy dance cut.

The video shows the group performing the song on some sort of a smoky sound stage, and the closeup camera work and dramatic backlighting means that we never get a proper look at the musicians. The only faces were see are those of a few beautiful guys and gals who hang out with drinks and do a little dancing towards the end.

"Ain't" comes from Terrace's debut album, As Far as the Night Can See, due out June 17 on TechnoFunk Records. According to the press release, "This album is equal parts '80s new wave, with '90s techno, and the electronic sprinkles of the millenium. oh, And some good old fashioned indie sensibility. Inspired by great artists like Gary Numan, Morrissey, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State, Depeche Mode, the Orb, Aphex Twin, Interpol. No boundaries electro-pop. Always. Cos that's what we do best."

Check out the tracklist below, where you'll also find the new video.

As Far as the Night Can See:

1. Night At The End Of The Tunnel
2. One Thing Left
3. Galactic
4. All This Time
5. Kane Garden Bay
6. Never Out Of Reach
7. Souls In The City
8. Golden
9. Blonde Reef
10. Ain't
11. Privilege
12. Still
13. Nick Holder Remix (Bonus iTunes version)