Terminal City Ricochet Fest Brings Three Days of Burlesque, Beer and Punk Rock to Toronto

Terminal City Ricochet Fest Brings Three Days of Burlesque, Beer and Punk Rock to Toronto
Oh, Toronto. It's about time you caught up with the masses and had a crusty punk rock festival. Then again, you're so uptight that it only stands to reason how it took years and years for you to catch up with the likes of Vancouver, Montreal and, oh, Marmora, ON.

Whatever. Hogtown should thank Toronto-based trio the Terminals for coming up with a three-day stint featuring bands, burlesque and beer. Dubbed Terminal City Ricochet/Urban Punkfest II, the multi-act affair is running this weekend, August 28-30 at two venues. What a cute play on words. Does anyone actually remember that ridiculous film Terminal City Ricochet?

The first two evenings begin at 6 p.m. and will be hosted by favourite watering hole href="http://www.sneakydees.com" target="_blank">Sneaky Dee's. As it turns out, they're celebrating 20 years of greasy nachos and hocking local breweries, so not only do you get cool bands, but you get great prices on the cause of - and solution to - life's problems.

The third - and free - day will go down in Kensington Market at the Rearview Mirror, located at 193 Baldwin St. Call 416-792 7040 for details. Otherwise, here are the general tidbits for those of you aching to break out the crusty pants and liberty spikes:

Terminal City Ricochet/Urban Punkfest II:

Friday (August 28)
Price: $10

AB Irato (Montreal)
Maximum RNR (Toronto)
Terminals (Toronto)
Tanya Cheex (Skin Tight Outta Sight, Burlesque)
Molly Mishap (Burlesque)
Get Wrecked (Halifax)
Random Killing (Toronto)
Thrashards (Toronto)
Scramjet (Toronto)
Psychoactivist (Toronto)

Saturday (August 29)
Price: $10

The G-Men (Toronto)
Out of Order (Montreal)
The Clusterbombs (Brantford)
Outbred Inlaws (Toronto)
Subsistence (Montreal)
The Murder Squad (Toronto)
Hated (Toronto)
The Rotten (Kitchener)
Jagermeister Girls

Sunday (August 30)
Price: Free

Rebel Spell (Vancouver)
The Delinquents (Toronto)
Whiskey Shits (Ottawa)
The Bag ladies (Toronto)
Caution Inc. (Toronto)
*More Bands to be Announced*

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