Tera Melos Announce 'X'ed Out'

Tera Melos Announce 'X'ed Out'
Three years after Tera Melos delivered the Exclaim!-approved Patagonian Rats, the Sacramento band have announced their next LP, X'ed Out. It drops via Sargent House on April 16.

While building on the promise of the genre-jumping Patagonian Rats, which we said fused complex arrangements akin to Hella and Battles with "psychedelic pop energy," Tera Melos apparently attempted to tone down the wackiness this time around. But those plans reportedly fell through early on.

"I'd initially wanted to make a really simple and minimal record," guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart said in a statement. "But our minds wander way too much, so when the songs came to life, they raged a little more than expected. In the process, it became clear that to move forward we needed to think less."

Drummer John Clardy added: "We're not trying to bludgeon people over their heads with technicality. It's more deceptively simple."

You can sample some new sounds for yourself via a preview of sugary, '90s fuzz-pop confection "Tropic Lame," which you can download over at Rolling Stone. You can check out the tracklisting, which seemingly tosses a nod to '80s exploitation flick Surf Nazis Must Die, down below, and peep the minimalist, squiggly-lined album art up above.

X'ed Out:

1. Weird Circles

2. New Chlorine

3. Bite

4. Snake Lake

5. Sunburn

6. Melody Nine

7. No Phase

8. Tropic Lame

9. Slimed

10. Until Lufthansa

11. Surf Nazis

12. X'ed Out and Tired