Tender Forever Reveals 'Where Are We From' EP

Tender Forever Reveals 'Where Are We From' EP
Portland-based lo-fi electro-pop artist Tender Forever (aka Melanie Valera) has been delivering synth-driven ditties for K Records the last few years and will stay true to the label via her new EP, Where Are We From.

The follow-up to last year's No Snare, which we described as an intimate album full of "melancholic meltdowns," Where We Are From will hit shelves on December 6. A press release for the mini-set explains that its tracks are "driven by heavy constant percussion and hollowed-out synth, and display a wide range of emotion."

Both its title track and "The Road Was Unkind" are described as classic Tender Forever cuts, hearkening back to the dancey pop anthems of Valera's 2005 debut, The Soft and the Hardcore. Elsewhere, though, tunes like "You Have the Woods" apparently take a dark, almost Peter Gabriel bent with "heavy synth and keys [serving] as a medium to abandon her sunny pop disposition." You can check out the tracklisting below.

On another note, Valera, who was born in France, is reaching out to fans to help pay her legal bills as she reapplies for a work visa. A brief mission statement explains her career and offers up services including private concerts and custom songs to help her out financially.

"Tender Forever is an 'Alien With Extraordinary Abilities' who will entertain you, make you experience feelings about yourself and others, sing to you out loud what you softly think and everlastingly stamp your memory with unforgettable joyful and epic souvenirs," a statement reads. "Tender Forever Loves The Shit Out Of You. You Just Don't Know It Yet."

You can find out more info, and maybe chip in a few bucks, over here.

Where Are We From:

1. "Where Are We From"
2. "The Road Was Unkind"
3. "Blue"
4. "Wrestle"
5. "You Get Into My Face"
6. "Runaway"
7. "You Have The Woods"