Télépopmusik /Various The Catalogue of Télépopmusik

If you give producers the opportunity to compile a list of tracks that they have found inspirational over the years of their career, you better be prepared for what you might receive in return. Most producers have very eclectic tastes in music, especially when it comes to musical influences, and Télépopmusik is no exception. This gathering of their record crates range from pop to indie rock to dance to all of the above, starting off with some head-scratching yet quite beautiful a cappella chanting from Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares that surprisingly cuts right into the crashing drum intro of the Pixies’ "Bone Machine.” Such drastic melds are not uncommon on this record, as the trio continue to mash the likes of Múm’s gorgeous "Green Grass of Tunnel” and Lali Puna’s "Scary World Theory” with the slow-paced genius of Squarepusher’s "Plaistow Flex Out” and the thumping hip-hop beats courtesy of Terranova’s "Bombing Bastards.” Oddly enough, given the diversity of this compilation, the listen isn’t completely uneasy on the ears; Telepopmusik try to bridge the gap between a handful of genres. There are long stretches of strictly dance tracks, so the record won’t completely baffle fans of the French three-piece, though it’s a lot of the non-club tracks that are most intriguing. You have to respect any artists that are inspired by numerous sources that don’t tend to fall directly into their chosen path of music-making, and thank them for shedding light on artists that electronic fans might not even be aware of. (Catalogue)