Telepathique / Various Last Time on Earth

Sao Paulo’s Telepathique operate and create music with energy and raw power. Their music is Favela carioca touring the streets of electro and jungle with an unmistakable punk rock DIY attitude. Unblinkingly, they connect worlds of music. Telepathique are vocalist Mylene Pires and DJ/producer/drummer Erico Theobaldo (DJ Periferico). The artists, while lesser known in Canada, are acclaimed overseas. Theobaldo’s remix of "Dadinho” appeared on the City of God soundtrack. He has also produced Brazilian artists Otto and BiD with much respect. Pires as a solo vocalist singing in African and Brazilian music traditions; her sound with Telepathique is infectious and no-bullshit, with a rocker sensibility. The initial guitar-rich tracks on Last Time on Earth set the mood in a raucous, hard way. It soon moves into a more electro industrial vein that pumps throughout the record. Last Time on Earth is cool and expansive, and rich with intelligence and groove. (Urban Jungle)