Telepathic Butterflies Introducing the Telepathic Butterflies

Two-and-a-half years ago, St. Norbert, Manitoba’s Telepathic Butterflies released Nine Songs — one of the most compelling guitar-pop albums to come out of the Prairies in a long, long time. Fortunately, one of the few copies that made it out of the province ended up in the hands of the folks at NYC label Rainbow Quartz, who have remixed and reissued that 12-track disc, along with four new recordings, for the rest of the melodic pop-loving world to enjoy. The new material blends in seamlessly with the older fare, sharing as it does the same classically psychedelic, occasionally Beatlesque nuances. While the Butterflies certainly aren’t the only band given to these reverential influences, few so much as approach this level of musicianship. Fewer still can transform those influences so convincingly into their own thing. Given the age of most of the material here, don’t be too surprised if this introduction is followed up with a strong second impression sometime soon. (Rainbow Quartz)