Tekniq We Getz Live

It’s about time Tekniq gets his chance to shine. It was more than two years ago that I first heard a dub of “Earth, Wind & Fire,” a track that deserves to be released more than most other tracks by Toronto MCs. We Getz Live is a three-song single that focuses mostly on “We Getz Live” part 1 and 2. Part 1 is a bland track that is not even worth the time to listen to. However, part 2 is the polar opposite, featuring a solid head-snapping beat and hardcore lyrics that demonstrate Tekniq’s next level lyricism. It’s not until the final track, the previously mentioned “Earth, Wind & Fire,” that the single becomes a must own release for any hip-hop fan. Three verses long, “Earth, Wind & Fire” describes Tekniq as a super MC that encompasses all of the elements (except for that pesky little element that makes up most of everything on Earth: water). With each verse Tekniq drops line after line of comparisons between his mic skills and the elements. Plus, the beat changes for each element with short interludes introducing the element between each verse. A definite must hear. Besides, you can’t go wrong when Lil’ Jaz is on the cut. It might be hard to find but well worth the search. (Paradox)