Tegan and Sara Announce Live CD/DVD Package

Tegan and Sara Announce Live CD/DVD Package
Last fall, beloved Canadian sister act Tegan and Sara opened up about their planned DVD, saying that they hoped to have it out by spring. Now, a full year has gone by and we've finally got the release details for the package. Entitled Get Along, it's due out November 15 through Warner Bros.

Get Along actually contains three separate films, plus a live CD. The first film is a documentary called States, a 30-minute feature that centres on an American tour. A press release notes that this "uses American touring footage and interviews with Tegan and Sara as a backdrop to illuminate their early career beginnings and unique connection with their fanbase."

Next is 25-minute documentary entitled India that is -- you guessed it -- about their first-ever trip to India. This tour took place last fall, after the DVD was announced, and utilizes "interview footage with Tegan, Sara, and a cast of family and friends to chronicle diverse reflections on road life."

Last on the film front is For the Most Part, a 70-minute concert video that shows the band performing an intimate in-studio concert for fans, friends and family in Vancouver.

As for the CD, it comprises the 15 songs from the DVD. See the 15-song tracklist below.

In addition to a standard DVD/CD version, Get Along will be available in a special deluxe version through Tegan and Sara's website. The deluxe package will include two signed lithographs, two instant download tracks (live takes on "Back in Your Head" and "Wake Up Exhausted"), and two bonus tracks (Chuck Brody's remix of "Northshore," plus a live cut of "I Bet It Stung"). Pre-order it here. Through iTunes, the CD and DVD components will be available separately.

Also stay tuned to their website for news about film screenings and a November Q&A session with Tegan and Sara. For now, you can check out a trailer for Get Along at the bottom of the page.

The band previously said that they would be going on hiatus, and that this DVD is "something to keep people entertained while we're away." There's no word as to whether this is still the plan.

Get Along:

1. "Alligator"
2. "I Know I Know I Know"
3. "Monday Monday Monday"
4. "I Hear Noises"
5. "Night Watch"
6. "Back In Your Head"
7. "Divided"
8. "Call It Off"
9. "Relief Next to Me"
10. "The Ocean"
11. "Nineteen"
12. "Knife Going In"
13. "Not With You"
14. "I Won't Be Left"
15. "Sentimental Tune"