Tegan and Sara "BWU" (video)

Tegan and Sara "BWU" (video)
Still out showing off their Love You to Death, Tegan and Sara are once again entering back into the visual realm with a new video. This time it's for the album's "BWU."

The clip was directed by Clea DuVall and takes the song's lyrics pretty literally. With Sara Quin singing, "I don't need a ring to prove that you're worthy / We don't need a white wedding," the video find her popping the question to a woman, only to get rejected in the process. This all leads to Sara travelling the streets of L.A. and proposing to a series of strangers with an empty ring box.

"I liked the idea of having no one really understand how lonely it can be when you have different ideas about what you want your life to be," Duvall told EW.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

According to EW, Tegan and Sara will be releasing a video for every song off Love You to Death so expect a bunch more from them.