Teethmarks "Dog's Blood" (video)

Teethmarks "Dog's Blood" (video)
Defunct Canadian screamo act Alexisonfire already hijacked this song title for a track on their farewell EP, but that's not stopping Toronto metalheads Teethmarks from getting dark in the video for "Dog's Blood" off their recently re-released Feral EP.

In this barely two-minute long ode to '80s speed metal, the band find themselves reenacting every 15-year-old loner's fantasy, as the group traipse about in death metal-approved corpse paint and Kiss-era bondage garb through a haunted forest. But things take a turn once an aggressive witch catches them on their journey and tries to claim their life force.

See for yourself by watching the tongue-in-cheek video in the player below, where you'll also find Teethmarks' upcoming tour dates. Also stay tuned for the group to release an as-yet-untitled new full-length in early 2014.

Tour dates:

10/17 Toronto, ON - The Boat
10/19 Montreal, QC - Turbohaus (Pelacanus Fest)
11/01 Sherbrooke, QC - Bar La Magog"