Teeth!!! Free Willy EP

Teeth!!! <i>Free Willy</i> EP
I don't know what it is about me these days but I only feel like listening to the most dissonant pop music I can track down. Over at Pinglewood, I spotted these English hellions. They're called Teeth!!!, and they sound like the demonic offspring of a Mae Shi and Test Icicles love-making session. But even more discordant than what that thought calls to mind. Along with fancying the misuse of their instruments, they also enjoy abusing their caps lock, multiple exclamation points and Free Willy. Or so their EP suggests.

They've caught the ear of both Moshi Moshi and cassette-loving indie Knife Or Die, but so far all of their music is free. You can download Free Willy by clicking here. Also up for grabs without costing you a cent is their FREE JAMZ 4 EVR EP.

Teeth!!! "Whos Afraid Of Detroit?"