Teengirl Fantasy Tracer

Teengirl FantasyTracer
Recent graduates of Oberlin College's music conservatory, Logan Takahasi and Nick Weiss somehow managed to squeeze in a full-length and regular touring before their studies ended. Their debut, 2010's 7AM, was a gauzy, ambient house delight that showed considerable promise, especially with brilliant, funkified jam "Cheaters." With school now behind them, the duo return with sophomore album Tracer, an even deeper, mind-altering dance album that finds them ditching their samplers and progressing more towards a completely amorphous sound. By creating their music live, they allow themselves the freedom to open up their sound world to unlimited possibilities. Guest vocalists like Panda Bear, Romanthony and Laurel Halo sound as though they deserve co-production credits on Tracer, as Teengirl Fantasy definitely wrote these songs with the work of their muses in mind. And while those three tracks are the ones most people will look to sample first, the rest of Tracer ― namely the squelching, glockenspiel-led "End" and the Detroit techno daze of "Eternal" ― help balance the warm rush of isolated euphoria that flows from beginning to end. Tracer is a complete LP that's unified yet fluid, providing a full club experience for those who choose not to leave their bedrooms.

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