Teenage Kicks Cancel Tour Dates Following Van Break-In

Teenage Kicks Cancel Tour Dates Following Van Break-In
Toronto's Teenage Kicks have pulled out of their opening slot on the Ataris' current North American tour following a series of unexpected events.

Bandmates and brothers Peter and Jeff van Helvoort circulated a message through the band's social media outlets this morning (November 27) stating that their van had been broken into last Sunday, spawning a week's worth of challenges that ultimately led them to the decision to pack up and head home.

Following the van break-in (which took place in Chicago), the vehicle broke down, leaving the band stranded in Winnipeg and missing a stop in Regina last night (November 26).

Nevertheless, the brothers seem to be taking it in stride and appreciating the experiences they've had on the tour up to this point.

You can read the full message from the van Helvoorts below and see the remaining Teenage Kicks-free tour dates over here.

From Fargo, ND On Thanksgiving Day

It's with great sadness that I bring you the news that we, Teenage Kicks, will not be able to continue our North American tour with The Ataris. Since our van was broken into last Sunday in Chicago we have encountered daily hurtles which culminated late yesterday in the form of this decision. We're fine and this isn't a personal issue in the least, but after approaching each hurtle with an unusually (for me) positive attitude we met a couple of challenges yesterday we couldn't beat.

Instead of focusing on the negative I would like to take a brief moment to mention all of the good things that came from this trip... We made a point to avoid hotels and stay with as many people as possible, to meet as many people as possible and to learn as many things as possible. That aspect of this tour has been nothing short of a complete success. We've met so many amazing people who let us into their homes and took care of us apropos of nothing.

America is full of so many beautiful people who haven't been handed the best cards in life and I feel privileged that we had the opportunity to meet cashiers, gas station attendants, McDonalds employees, homeless, security guards, promoters, young bands and old bands, who were kind to us and shared stories with us along the way. I've spent most of my adolescent/adult life reading about adventures in books without ever really taking one myself, and when you forget the GPS, your cellphone, wi-fi, and the comforts of home you end up right in the middle of what you dreamed up when you were young.

Good or bad, it was a pleasure playing for you over the last month and in some form or another we will find a way to do it again soon. Luck might not be on our side, but all the bullshit certainly makes you want it more.

Until then,

Peter + Jeff