Teenage Kicks Rational Anthems

Teenage Kicks <i>Rational Anthems</i>
In recent weeks, we've seen a string of videos from Toronto rockers Teenage Kicks, who have been gearing up to release their Rational Anthems EP. Now, we have the entire six-song collection for you to sink your teeth into.

One can't help but pull a comparison to the Constantines yet still hear the classic influence of Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Who, which seem to be intrinsically wound throughout each song of this debut. All the while, their live show promises a display of downright and dirty rock'n'roll -- a genre that has too long been overshadowed by the multitude of DIY "pop" projects.

A message on the band's blog about Rational Anthems goes on to joke, "Grab yours before Pitchfork gives us a 2.4 and we break up."

The four-piece independently drops Rational Anthems today (April 26), with an official release party slated for Friday (April 29) at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern. Download this gritty slab of rock'n'roll for the mere price of a tweet by clicking on the button below.