Teenage Kicks "Lose Your Head" (video)

Teenage Kicks 'Lose Your Head' (video)
We've been hearing a lot from Toronto indie rock upstarts Teenage Kicks lately. We've already posted videos for "Brooklyn Bridge" and "Hearts of "Darkness," and here's clip No. 3.

It's for the garage rock gut-buster "Lose Your Head," and the clip brings a chalk board with song lyrics to a river, parking lot, train tracks, sidewalk, field and plenty of other locations.

A note accompanying the clip on Vimeo reads, "Please note that the one sign with improper grammar was Pat's [Marchent, guitar] doing, not mine!" Whoops.

To make this even sweeter, you can download "Lose Your Head" for free right by clicking the arrow in the player below. This comes from the Rational Anthems EP, due out April 26.