Teenage Idols Teenage Idols

Following their fierce Northern City EP, the Teenage Idols’ first full-length authenticates their ability to expertly wind musical repetition into wonderfully volatile tunes. The band transparently tips their hats towards the ferociousness of the Stooges and the eeriness of the Cramps, but they show an ability to create songs that are rousing rather than derivative. "Here She Comes” starts the album with the band delivering an excellent cyclical groove while Halvard’s vocals shift from a sinister whisper to a full-blown howl. "Burning Love” and "Teenage Idols From Outer Space” rumble with frantic blues-infused sentiments. While "Up” features a fantastically stirring rhythm that can make even the most cynical music critics get off their dilapidated couches and swagger around the living room, nodding their heads to more inspired sounds from Sweden. (Playground)