Technics to Launch Hi-Def Music Downloads Service

Technics to Launch Hi-Def Music Downloads Service
It looks as if Neil Young is going to have some competition in the world of high-definition music downloads. Audio specialists and iconic turntable makers Technics are going to be launching its own download service called Technics Tracks, which will specialize in 24-bit FLAC files.

The service will launch in the UK and Germany in January and will presumably spread elsewhere after that. Built by 7digital,, it will be compatible with Mac and PC computers, in addition to apps on iOS and Android mobile devices. Purchases will be stored in a cloud locker and can be downloaded on multiple devices.

Technics exec David Preece said in a statement [via Music Week], "Technics Tracks is a platform, where listeners can not only download their favourite tracks in stunning 24-bit quality but will also be a rich source of news and editorial content on hi-res audio releases: another step in supporting our ultimate goal of bringing the world's highest-class audio experience to serious music lovers.''

If you're an audiophile who cares about tech specs — and that's presumably who this service is geared towards — the exact details are as follows: the service will offer tens of thousands of tracks in 24-bit FLAC audio with a 192kHz sampling rate, plus many more with a CD-quality 16-bit/44.1kHz sampling rate.

Technics is owned by Panasonic. The brand has largely been dormant in the past decade or so, but Panasonic recently announced plans to relaunch it.