Team Love Library Opens, Offers Downloads of Catalogue For Free

Team Love Library Opens, Offers Downloads of Catalogue For Free
As the war over online music piracy wages on, more and more labels are taking creative measures to find a solution to the "problem." Take the indie imprint Team Love, for example, who have just launched what they're calling the Team Love Library, a free, rotating catalogue of downloadable content that features different TL albums, as well as exclusive unreleased songs, live tracks and remixes.

In the words of Team Love: "The library will be open to the public 24/7, and as we have an endless abundance of MP3s (we fucked up and made too many of them), anything you take from the library is yours to keep. You will not be notified if you fail to return something on time, and you will not lose your library privileges if you share selections with friends." And hey, no late charges either!

Right now, the library is offering complete, yours-to-keep-forever downloads such as Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat, Tilly & the Wall's Wild Like Children and the Berg Sans Nipple's Along the Quai, in addition to several other Team Love catalogue items.

Like a real-life library, there is a registration process to gain access (which you can do here), but since it only involves providing an email address it's pretty quick and painless.

No word yet, though, if Team Love will offer holds, take requests or eventually abide by the Dewey Decimal System.

Conan The Librarian