​Taylor Swift Pays Off University of Waterloo Student's Tuition

​Taylor Swift Pays Off University of Waterloo Student's Tuition
A student at the University of Waterloo got a big surprise when Taylor Swift recently stepped up to help her pay tuition.
Ayesha Khurram is a 20-year-old Accounting and Financial Management student from Mississauga, who recently posted a message on Tumblr explaining that she might have to drop out of university because she was unable to afford tuition after Doug Ford's cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Plan.
She shared her Paypal, saying that "I hate asking for money, I feel so shitty, but I have never been so stressed or broke in my life."
Shortly thereafter, Swift (who follows Khurram and occasionally likes some of her posts) donated more than $6,000 via Paypal.
Taylor Nation LLC sent her $6,386.47 with the message "Ayesha, get your learn on girl. I love you! Taylor."
"I feel like I have no more problems anymore," Khurram told CTV Kitchener. "It's incredible. I mean it's the reason we moved here, education and a better lifestyle, and for Taylor to contribute to that in the best way possible… I have no words."
Khurram and her family moved to Canada from Pakistan in 2016. She will return to the University of Waterloo this fall to complete her second year.
It's not the first time Swift has helped out a fan in need. Last year, she sent $15,000 to a fan's sick mother.
Swift's seventh album, Lover, is due out on August 23 via Republic.