​Taylor Swift Finally Signs to a Major Label

She's inked a deal with Republic Records
​Taylor Swift Finally Signs to a Major Label
When Reputation turned a year old earlier this month, Taylor Swift's contract with Big Machine Records came to an end after 12 years and six studio albums. Now, Swift has announced that she's signed with Republic Records.
Technically, it marks the leap from a Nashville-based indie label to a Universal-owned major, though Big Machine was distributed by Universal as well. The full details of her contract with Republic have not been made public, but the New York Times reports that she's signed on for a multi-year, multi-album deal.
Swift did, however, disclose some of the stipulations of the signing in an Instagram post. The singer announced that she will now own all of her master recordings going forward, and that Universal Music Group agreed to distribute any profits from sale of its Spotify shares among its artists.
"I see this as a sign that we are headed towards positive chance for creators — a goal I'm never going to stop trying to help achieve, in whatever ways I can," Swift wrote.
Swift has long stood up to streaming services on behalf of artists, instigating and winning high-profile battles with both Apple Music and Spotify.
See her complete post below.

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