Taylor Swift Finally Gets an Earth Crisis T-Shirt Mash-Up

Taylor Swift Finally Gets an Earth Crisis T-Shirt Mash-Up
In recent years, there's been no shortage of pop culture/hardcore kid mash-up T-shirts. And just when we think we're through with the whole idea, someone offers up a next-level design. Thus, without further ado, we're happy to present you with the long-awaited Taylor Swift and Earth Crisis crossover shirt.

The mash-up comes from a small record label called Ghetto Josh Records, who currently have the shirts listed for pre-order. The shirts feature a perfect replication of the Earth Crisis font, along with a black-and-white crew photo of fans belting out the lyrics to "Blank Space" on the back.

Though it's strange at first, there similarities between Taylor Swift and Earth Crisis than you might think. In addition to their penchant for gut-wrenching singalongs, both acts were born in 1989, and neither of them eat meat. Really makes you think.

And for those who claim that Ghetto Josh is just hopping on the ironic band T-shirt bandwagon, the pre-order page comes with a disclaimer: "P.S. not just cashing in cause it's cool… I've legit loved Taylor since day 1."

While an Earth Crisis cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Page" is something that will only ever exist in our dreams, you can hear a bad mall emo cover of the song from a recent Fearless Records compilation below.