Taylor Swift Fans Think "The Archer" Is the Sequel to "Delicate"

Taylor Swift Fans Think 'The Archer' Is the Sequel to 'Delicate'
Taylor Swift fans are notoriously intense when it comes to scrutinizing her new music, lyrics and videos (and Swift has admitted she panders to them with Easter eggs hidden everywhere). So when she released her latest single "The Archer" yesterday (July 23), Swift's fans came up with all kinds of theories and predictions — including that the new song serves as a sequel to reputation track "Delicate."
As keen Swifties will remember, "Delicate" is a soft synth-pop song about the fragility of a new romantic relationship. The video sees Swift dancing in the rain, before reading a note and walking into a bar at the end of the clip.
"Delicate" was the fifth track on reputation (announced with a neon sign that read "Track 5" in the video), and "The Archer" is listed as the fifth track on the upcoming Lover.
"Delicate" also mentions a "dive bar on the east side," and now fans have discovered that there's a bar on the east side of London called the Archer.
That revelation has prompted Swifties to believe we're about to find out what the piece of paper in the "Delicate" video says, and maybe even who she spots and smiles at before the video fades to black.
Swift has yet to announce a video for "The Archer," though previous Lover singles "ME!" and "You Need to Calm Down" have both been given matching visuals.
See some of the Swifties' sleuthing via Twitter below.
Lover is due out August 23 via Republic.