Tasseomancy "Soft Feet" (Heidi Mortenson's Gentle Dane Remüx)

Tasseomancy "Soft Feet" (Heidi Mortenson's Gentle Dane Remüx)
The "Gently Dane" naming of Heidi Mortenson's remix of Tasseomancy's "Soft Feet" is slightly misleading. While there are moments of calm before the storm, the bass-driven leads of Mortenson's remix here are anything but gentle.

The Danish producer combines the vocals from the original track, off the recent Ulalume LP, with subtle pulsating rhythms, which break before a strongly contrasting American-style dubstep synth line bursts through the silence.

Check out Heidi Mortenson's Gentle Dane Remüx of "Soft Feet" below.

As previously reported, Tasseomancy are teaming up with Austra for a Canadian tour. You can check the dates here. Tasseomancy will also play a Ulalume release show in Toronto on October 20 at the Great Hall.

Soft Feet (Heidi Mortenson's Gentle Dane Remüx) by tasseomancy