Metropolis, Montreal QC, September 19

TasseomancyMetropolis, Montreal QC, September 19
Photo: Steve Louie
Singers Romy and Sari Lightman have been crafting music as Tasseomancy for several years now, having released an LP in 2011 and an EP last year in preparation for their next full-length, due sometime this year. The Lightman twins are engaging and sonically captivating live, with Sari's subdued mandolin and vocals providing a nice counterpart to Romy's front-and-centre presence, with some great percussion and keyboards to tread the line between eerie and fun.

Opening with an interesting solo guitar piece by Evan Cartwright, who then moved to his spot on the drums when the rest of the band entered, Tasseomancy took the audience through a fun trip that was both dark and tropical, aided by well-executed steel pans and the Lightman twins' eccentric vocals. Set highlight "Braid. Wind Is Coming" masked desperate lyrics — "I don't wanna be alone" — with a fun sound and excellent vocal interplay between the Lightman twins, including some tricky time signature play that encapsulated Tasseomancy's playfully haunting vibe.
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