​Tariq Skateboards Through Vancouver in "Walking Dead" Video

​Tariq Skateboards Through Vancouver in 'Walking Dead' Video
Vancouver-based Brasstronaut member Tariq released his latest solo album Telegrams earlier this year, and now he's given LP cut "Walking Dead" the music video treatment.
It follows the clip for "Coquihalla," and was shot by directors Kasey Lum and Jordan Clarke.
"When I first listened to Tariq's song, 'Walking Dead,' I was moved by the combination of pop-y vibes and image fuelled lyrics," Lum said in a statement. "It's catchy and emotionally compelling at the same time. With this music video, we've tried to make something that reflects the song visually, something beautiful, touching, funny, deep, and light."
The clip follows Tariq as he skateboards through various locations in Vancouver and New Westminster — without a route in mind, and open to whatever adventure presents itself.
Watch the video for "Walking Dead" below.