Taproot Welcome

Welcome, the sophomore effort from Ann Arbor, MI’s Taproot, is a hot record. The triple layer of vocals, which has come to be the band’s signature, resembles other harmony-based groups like Alice in Chains, but tracks like "Dreams” prove that Taproot is far from being vocally driven. Guitarist Mike DeWolf wants to make his presence known on Welcome much more than he did on the debut disc Gift, and that is a gift. Taproot is also blessed with brevity; there is too much of a good thing (most nu metal bands prove that). The disc is over in just under 44 minutes, leaving the listener no other choice than to press play one more time. The lyrics on "Mine” are delicately worded and carefully crafted by vocalist Stephen Richards, and his delivery blends a variety of influences but retains the balance that each song requires. Taproot is not just another melodi-core band; they are willing to experiment with their sound and songs. Welcome spells longevity for Taproot. (Warner)