Fucked Up 'Tap:Ex Metallurgy' (excerpt)

Fucked Up 'Tap:Ex Metallurgy' (excerpt)
Members of Canadian punk unit Fucked Up recently teamed with Tapestry Opera and director Michael Hidetoshi Mori to create a boundary-pushing performance piece called Metallurgy. It's slated to debut on stage later this week in Toronto, but before it does, Exclaim! has got an exclusive preview of an excerpt from the show.
One half of the musical production was composed by Fucked Up's Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco with the assistance of Ivan Barbotin and librettist David James Brock. The second half is the work of Barbotin and Brock, though both pieces reference and relate to each other. The show features performances by Haliechuk and Falco, and is given an operatic overhaul thanks to Jordan de Souza and vocals from mezzo-soprano Krisztina Szabó and tenor David Pomeroy.

"Nothing comes from nothing, and if we don't allow ourselves the freedom to experiment, collaborate and try new things, opera will remain the same forever," said Hidetoshi Mori in a press release. "All the players in this project are geniuses of their genre, and I'm very excited to see what kind of electricity they create together."
The production will run for four shows, starting November 19. It will wrap up with a day of double performances on November 21 at the Ernest Balmer Studio, and you can find full details here.
Curious listeners can now hear what the collaboration sounds like. Preview a dramatic, doom-filled excerpt from the show in the player below.