Tannis Slimmon Lucky Blue

Blending her sunny voice with gravitas, Tannis Slimmon has composed an emotionally compelling record with the multi-faceted Lucky Blue. A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition, Slimmon is a favourite folk attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile. An impassioned songwriter, Slimmon hits her mark on Lucky Blue, tempering her enduring optimism with weightier ruminations on contemporary life. An all-star guest list contributes to eclectic songs like "My Bike,” a Celtic jaunt, which features Malian musician Mansa Sissoko on kora and Dave Clark on drums. Other standouts include the hauntingly arranged "Spirit House (Revisited),” which finds partner Lewis Melville playing all manner of stringed and percussion instruments, while the well-crafted "Edmonton” brings the war abroad home. Things like "What I’m Going to Do” and "Around Him” are simply great songs and, with each new composition, Tannis Slimmon skilfully taps into the heart of the human spirit. (Independent)