Tanakh Dieu Deuil

Tanakh are another one of those collectives that seem to be all the rage. The leader is Jesse Poe, an American currently residing in Florence, Italy. That relocation seems particularly apt for a renaissance man such as Poe who is involved in a wealth of different projects (including Poulos, Crevlyn, Six Organs Of Admittance, to name but a few), but this isn’t a solo effort by any means. Mention must be made of Michele Poulos’s vocals, which make every song she appears on a highlight. Dieu Deuil is the collective’s second album, and it sees them moving away from the gothic brooding of Villa Claustrophobia and into a slightly sunnier place where there doesn’t appear to be any fear of spaces of any size, big or small. The tracks with vocals have a real folky feel, with many layers of gorgeous vocal harmonies while the instrumentals show a Middle Eastern influence that isn’t completely unlike some of Dead Can Dance’s later work. At times, the music is a little too contrived, especially when trying to recreate medieval love songs (on "Lady Eucharist”), but most of Dieu Deuil is really, really lovely (such as the opening "November Tree”) and a beautiful addition to Alien8's eclectic catalogue. (Alien8)