Talib Kweli Dishes on New Autobiography, Reveals Seu Jorge Collaboration

Talib Kweli Dishes on New Autobiography, Reveals Seu Jorge Collaboration
Though he's still coasting on the promotion cycle for his latest album, Gutter Rainbows, prolific Brooklyn-based hip-hopper Talib Kweli already has some more work lined up for himself. On top of prepping a follow-up to his latest, the rapper is also penning a book.

All Hip Hop reports that the busybody is already deep into writing an as-yet-untitled tome. The book will highlight his upbringing and will also push the spitter's philosophy on life.

"I am still a relatively young person in the scheme of the world, so I don't feel like I feel like I will stop learning by any strength of the imagination," he said of the book. "I've learned some things that I can impart that can be worth something to some people."

Though he's hoping to have a physical release date set for Gutter Rainbows in North America (it was only issued digitally on this continent), Kweli is also in the midst of completing a new album called Prisoner of Conscious. Though concrete details are lacking at present, the rapper did reveal that it will contain a collaboration with Brazilian singer/guitarist Seu Jorge. The two hooked up when Kweli was visiting the country.

"When I was in Brazil, I tweeted that I would love to do a song with him," Kweli said. "Five minutes later his manager responded and we put the song together."

While a firm date has yet to be set for the new record, it's expected to go online sometime this summer.