Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits

MAC Salle Principale, Montreal QC, May 28

Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien BenoitsMAC Salle Principale, Montreal QC, May 28
Photo: Trung Dung Nguyen
Thirty-four light sticks on microphone stands, a luminescent drum kit, and thick stabs of bass: it's a method that's so effective, it feels like it should have been done before. With a sound falling somewhere between glitch and industrial, Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits positively rocked the MAC stage. Each of their songs came across like a small machine gathering particles, in order to grow in size and eventually consume its rivals. While usually consisting of scattered creaks and glitches, their set occasionally moved into post-apocalyptic techno. Yet, regardless of the style, every pulse and beat was perfectly reflected in the impressive light display that was constantly flickering in the background.
While Nakamoto turned knobs and thrashed around to an impressive degree, the show was stolen by drummer Benoits. He managed to flail wildly and remain rhythmically tight at the same time. No one's smacked a snare drum that hard since Keith Moon. In spite of the fact that he was working with a traditional kit, Benoits still managed to make the end product sound digital, an impressive feat for any percussionist. Overall, Nakamoto & Benoits' set was short, loud, and riotous — an electronic show for fans of metal.
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