Taína Asili Resilencia

Taína Asili Resilencia
Taína Asili's commitment to justice, self-determination and conveying powerful, resilient stories of women of colour stands tall on the full-length Resilencia.
The New York-based Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, activist and filmmaker defines herself as a feminist and rebel through her political art and music (with its nueva canción, Afro-Latin, opera punk, rock and flamenco vibes).
There's a distinct Afro-Latin flair in the title track, served well by its rock-rooted platform. Running at 12 tracks —  a mix of English and Spanish songs — Asili projects a simmering energy and confidence: "La Alegria" rides a hip-hop influence and DJ Johnny Juice appearance for a chilled-out salsa vibe; "Cucubano" slows things down, as Asili stokes the flames with a classical vocal approach; "Gave It All My Love" mines well-worn romance tropes to average effect, but numbers like the thankful and sage bounce of "Plant the Seed" and the steamy "En la Verdad" come through loud and clear.
Resilencia reflects intersectionality and a proactive mindset — to mindfully live, love and engage with the world around us. (Independent)