T.I.'s Bodyguard Stabbed in Moncton Nightclub

T.I.'s Bodyguard Stabbed in Moncton Nightclub
T.I. has recently been making tracks through Canada as part of his "Us or Else" tour. However, the live date in Moncton, NB, last night (January 30) was more eventful than the rapper could have prepared for, with one of his bodyguards taking a knife in the leg.

TMZ reports that the rapper's bodyguard was stabbed at least three times in one of his calves while watching over the merch table during the performance at Moncton club the Venue. The publication reports that police were called at 1:20 a.m. local time, and that the man was taken to hospital and released the same evening.

T.I. has yet to comment on the incident, but TMZ reports he did speak with police.

Tonight (January 31) T.I. is still set to play Halifax as his final date of the Canadian tour, according to promoters. You can see a Facebook post ensuring concertgoers that the show is still on below.

T.I. dropped the politically-charged Us or Else EP back in September.