T. Hecker My Love Is Rotten To The Core

Tim Hecker returns to ambient/atmospheric noise, following up the deep Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again with a half-hour ode to rock stardom. Opening up with the ether of voices enshrouded with synthesiser sweeps, processed electric guitar chords that remind of the opening chords to Guns n' Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle" shred through with samples of cheering voices. My Love... slips into processed digital mulch noise filled with emotional overtones as the CD continues, inducing suspense and growing momentum track after track. Though there are no melodies per se, one can sense some form of compositional direction at work here with bits of distortion and loops of concert dins, dimly recognised rock tunes and interview footage on the palette Hecker works from. Listening to My Love... is a bit like having a visitation from the ghost of glam rock past while under a delusional haze. Unfortunately, I can't make sense of the interview footage material, thus it is mere ambiance. Overall, T. Hecker's album is beautiful in a ghostly way, notwithstanding the tongue-in-cheek liner art and track titles, which need not be heeded, since the tracks blend together well enough as one long continuous piece. (Substractif)