Systemwide/Various Impurely Replied

Impurely Replied is an enjoyable remix project. Following on their Pure and Applied album, guest re-mixers mostly consign the vocals to the trash, as well as the raucous energy of the originals, which combined live performances of dub and electronics at a wide variety of speeds. Still, as "regular” electronic dance music goes, there are some fine tracks, including Stardub’s "Boomin’ Up Mix,” which mingles catchy high-hats, rhythmic drums and sparse bass sounds, and Solomonic Sound’s excellent break beat/house mix of "People of the Book.” The saxophone of Twilight Dub Circus Soundsystem’s "Eyupsultan Remix” feels extremely hot and Alter Echo & Sir Round Sound take the cake for weirdest track on the album. If you liked the original album, you’ll probably get a kick out of this too. (BSI)