System Syn Postscript

There are two obvious ways to take this release. On one hand, System Syn represent a shadowy synth-pop sound that is a little too comparable to the likes of VNV Nation. At the same time, this is a disc that is full of catchy beats, seductive programming and will drag even the most reluctant of asses onto the dance floor. Postscript is Syn’s second label release but Clint Carney, the puppet master behind all things System Syn, has been composing and performing for the project since 1997. Of his most noteworthy offerings, "Burning Out” stands out as being the most danceable of tracks. "Somewhere” is gentler, coming close to ’80s new wave. Yet, there is still an edge to this disc, with "Judas Kiss” epitomising the sinister side of the Carney’s sound. Overall, Postscript may not redefine synth-pop, but there’s enough here to keep dark music fans pleased. (Metropolis)