System of a Serj Proposes "Holographic Touring" to Save Planet

System of a Serj Proposes 'Holographic Touring' to Save Planet
I always had the impression System of a Down front-man and current solo artist Serj Tankian was a lot smarter than the music his band degenerated into before their extended hiatus indicated, and now the proof is in the Holodeck. Tankian is proposing "holographic touring” as a method of environmental conservation artists could utilise to reduce their carbon footprint.

"I’ve had an idea for a long time, which might sound a little crazy, but I really want to look into holographic touring,” Tankian told Billboard.

"I think we could reduce our need to travel if we could project ourselves into meetings and concerts. We have the technology, and we’re not using it right now."

The impressively long chin-haired rocker, who holds a degree in Marketing and Business, suggests broadcasting himself in real-time from his home studio in order to interact with fans from a distance, as if they were in the same room.

"After all, it’s not like the audience can touch me, anyway,” Mr. Serjical Strike laughed. Sounds like prime technology for major pop stars, who are essentially holograms projected by their handlers anyway, at least until Moore’s Law makes like Snoop and exponentially drops the cost like it’s hot. If we can buy two-gig portable hard drives for $12 today, it can’t be long before your average garage band can holographically project themselves jamming out to their Myspace fans in Singapore.

Serj, at least, is already thinking ahead about the little guy. "It would open up a whole new world for touring — shows wouldn’t have to be limited to bars or clubs. There would be no travel costs, so bands with very little money could play shows, and tickets would cost less.”

Seems like a great ploy for Tankian to spend more time in New Zealand, where he owns a house, and is inspired by, what he calls, "ecologically one of the most progressive places on Earth.”

"People down there are unconsciously conscious. They don’t get self-congratulatory when they recycle; they just do it as a way of life. I think we need more education to get us to that place.”

Until Gene Rodenberry’s Holodecks come along to save us all, Serj will continue being a naughty carbon spewer, with shows all over Europe, a few U.S. gigs and finally, a stop at the Pemberton Festival in British Columbia on July 26.