Transient EP

SynkroTransient EP
After two releases in 2013, the stellar Acceptance EP and the more vocal-focused Lost Here EP — which featured the vocal contributions of Robert Manos — Synkro is finally releasing some new material at the tail end of 2014. While in the process of moving from Manchester (where the English producer has been working and residing the last few years) to a small town in Derbyshire near where he grew up, Joe McBride started writing and recording new material that would come to shape this new EP released on R&S Records offshoot Apollo. The release's title is fitting not only because it represents his temporary stay in Manchester; it also marks a subtle but notable shift in his production style.

With hints of the type of ambient garage you'd find on a Burial release, Transient finds McBride combining his instrumental influences with some of the more bass-driven work explored on his Broken Promise EP. A-side tracks "Someone" and "Transient" are both built around slow increases of drum'n'bass undertones. B-side "Contact" works in slow jazzy chords with looped samples and vocal patterns to soothing effect, making it stand out from the rest of the mostly uptempo EP. Closer "Falling" is one of the strongest songs in Synkro's discography, all snappy cassette player samples over smooth drum pads, a nice contrast and fitting end to the EP. After such a great string of EP releases these past few years, we can only imagine what he'll have in store if ever he is ready to release a full-length. (Apollo)
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