Sylvie Marks and Hal 9000 Krazeee

If the BPitch roster has proved anything in the past two years, it’s that they take the future of break beats very seriously. Much like Ellen Allien’s Berlinette, Sylvie Marks and Hal 9000 tie vocals onto almost every mix. But this album’s strongest case is the ever-morphing, improvised electro bubbling underneath. Krazeee shifts in surprising directions, avoiding the repetitive pratfalls of club music that skirts the home listening experience. Through their mess of gear, the duo creates the dynamic and agility of live musicians. Sylvie Marks’ vocals are chopped up, distorted, and pushed through the cracks of the production, filling in the accents of each track. It’s all nuanced, impressive territory. Alongside label mates Modeselektor and Smash TV, Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000 are pushing through the fences on the left-field of techno, and walking away with more hits than misses every time. Krazeee is no masterpiece, but its sense of adventure will pay off for anyone who goes out looking for it. (BPitch Control)