Sylford Walker and Welton Irie Lamb's Bread International

Sylford Walker is the least known vocalist to be reissued by Blood and Fire. Lamb's Bread International is actually the 2000 reissue of a 1990 issue of a 1979 set (the circle of life, reissue style). The liner notes poignantly detail the life of a man who has always lived in extreme poverty and whose music career was a series of disappointments. However, this CD serves as a testament to his vocal abilities. It was produced by Glen Brown, who also was noted for the quality, not the quantity of his rhythms. The third element in the majesty of this album is King Tubby's mix. Tubby had been dubbing for ten years at this point, but manages to come up with a little extra for these mixes, especially one of my all-time faves, "Deuteronomy." Blood and Fire wisely adds six versions by Welton Irie, an early fan of Walker's. His DJ cuts were recorded during his heyday of the early '80s and he is in top form. His archetypal early dancehall flow and tonality (plus different Tubby mixes) elevates the music even further. (Blood and Fire)