Syclops "Where's Jason K"

Syclops "Where's Jason K"
The last few years has seen the DFA operate using both sides of their distinguished rep. While James Murphy was selling out 1000-plus capacity gigs and actually selling records, the label’s roster continued to work more leftfield 12-inches into their growing catalogue. Using this method, the DFA found one of their biggest hits ever this year with the divine disco/funk/Italo house of Hercules and Love Affair’s universally adored self-titled album.

Continuing the thread is another enigmatic project by the interview-shy Maurice Fulton, who’s already thrown us curveballs with his imaginative remixes and production work behind Mu and Kathy Diamond. As you’d expect, Syclops isn’t some straightforward act with Fulton in the cushy producer’s chair.

Idealised as a Finnish jazz trio with Fulton behind the boards, Syclops’ debut single plays out more like a Headhunters arrangement filtered through a Mantronix soundsystem. Fulton keeps the drums minimal, adding the inevitable cowbell into the stream, while one synth bubbles out a motorik bass, and more and more synth melodies get layered in for a discombobulating robot jam that reaches a circuit-breaking pinnacle at the four-minute mark with a fab breakdown.

A debut album, I’ve Got My Eye On You, is set for release soon on DFA, but considering the Hercules full-length has yet to drop here in North America you might want to either hold your breath or just order the import as soon as it hits Europe.

Syclops "Where’s Jason K”