Swollen Members' Prevail Rolls Out His Own Charity Beer

Swollen Members' Prevail Rolls Out His Own Charity Beer
Reports have indicated that Swollen Members are working on a new album called Beautiful Death Machine, but group member Prevail is taking some time out of his schedule to do a good deed. The Vancouver rapper has teemed up with Red Truck Beer Company to create a new holiday brew with a portion of sales going to local charities.

The seasonal maple beer is awesomely called Prev Ale. It will be sold in various establishments in the Greater Vancouver area.

In a statement, Prevail explained the impetus behind the beer like this: "We are helping to raise funds to help cancer patient Chelsea Steyns to help offset some of her expenses. Only three months after giving birth to her second set of twins, Chelsea was diagnosed with brain cancer but has refused to give up the fight. In league with a host of other fund raising efforts, Red Truck and myself humbly offer the Prev Ale as a way to give back and bring our community together in hopes of helping Chelsea and her family this holiday season."

Learn more about Chelsea's battle with cancer here.

According to a post on Prevail's Facebook page, the beer will be available starting in December.