Swollen Members "Juggernaut" (video)

Swollen Members 'Juggernaut' (video)
Forever repping the BAXWAR, Vancouver hip-hop mainstays Swollen Members are hitting us up with another visual to help support this year's Beautiful Death Machine. This time around, Prevail and Madchild are getting up to some creepy experiments when not spitting the verses from their electro-spiked banger, "Juggernaut."

We're not entirely sure who's calling the shots in the underground bunker in which this takes place, as we see Prevail at times being strapped to a bunch of wires and pushing around some flunky in a chair. Madchild, meanwhile, mugs for the camera with his metal grill in between lines about getting his apparently dinosaur-sized ding-a-ling getting a workout as he munches on a bowl of Cap'n Crunch.

Rorschach tests are conducted, a bit of blood is shed, and bars are spat. What more could you want, Battle Axe warriors? You can check out the video down below.