Swollen Members "Inception" (video)

Swollen Members 'Inception' (video)
Battleaxe Warriors Swollen Members have been on the promotional trail the last little bit to rep their upcoming Beautiful Death Machine and up next form the West Coast crew is a vid for the album's "Inception."

Madchild drops rhymes about his heart pumpin' poison while he's out on Anthrax Island, but the jellyfish swimming behind him suggest he's just hanging out at the Vancouver Aquarium. While partner Prevail appears to be chilling out at home with a bottle of wine, his verse notes he's been duckin' coattail riders warp speed as he tries to reach the Holy Grail, templar knight-style.

Watch the video below.

As previously reported, Beautiful Death Machine drops March 19 release through Battle Axe/Suburban Noize. The rap crew also kick off a Canadian tour next week, and you can check the show specifics here.