Switches Downtown Edmonton Community League (DECL), Edmonton AB, October 9

SwitchesDowntown Edmonton Community League (DECL), Edmonton AB, October 9
Photo: Chris Gee
Local Edmonton favourites Switches played a packed, all-ages community league office Sunday night (October 9), getting the audience moving to work off all the turkey dinners consumed before the show. Playing mostly from their latest tape, All My Darlings, and 2014's debut full-length, I Just Wanna, everyone knew most of the words to Switches' garage punk anthems.
Led by guitarist-vocalist Tara McMahon's gruff and soulful voice, Switches' infectious bratty gang vocals and "oh-ohs" are catchy and easy to sing along to. Switches really hit the mark when drummer-vocalist Tamar Dinner's thunderous beats and Stefan Opryshko's '60s-style psychedelic organ were in full force. Highlights included an ultra-fast punk rock cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" and the wicked "Sex Cult Leader," on which bassist Marlaena Moore took the vocal lead.
By the end of the set, the floor-to-ceiling windows behind the band had completely fogged up due to the heat coming off of the crowd's squirming bodies. It was just another raucous night of honest, Switches rock'n'roll.