Swingin' Utters Swingin'Utters

Following last year's Brazen Head EP and split CD with Youth Brigade, the boys in the Swingin' Utters are back with a new full-length effort. Their brand of '77 fist-pumping punk rock with Pogues flavouring is second to none and the 15 songs on this release are fine examples of that. The opening track, "Pills and Smoke," is immediately so retro sounding that it could reel anyone back to the early days of crash and burn English punk rock, whereas "Watching The Wayfarers" is a superb rockabilly, country blues number that's complete with mandolin and upright bass. Furthermore, one can't beat the Generation X sounding "The Note," the slamming rhythms of the SLF influenced "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" or "Playboys, Punks, and Pretty Things." As usual, the Swingin'Utters have produced a very well rounded album and their ability to write eclectic and memorable songs is rarely surpassed. (Fat Wreck)