Swingin' Utters Announce 'Poorly Formed' LP

Swingin' Utters Announce 'Poorly Formed' LP
There was an eight-year gap between San Francisco punks Swingin' Utters' last two platters, but fans won't have to wait that long for a follow-up to last year's Here, Under Protest. The group have just announced their next album is titled Poorly Formed, and it will hit retailers February 19.

A press release from the group's longtime label Fat Wreck Chords confirms the arrival of the impending LP, and notes that it finds the band further evolving from their roots, though "there's still plenty of piss 'n' vinegar along with all the other hallmarks of a great Swingin' Utters record: catchy melodies, diverse instrumentation, and intelligent, heartfelt lyrics."

The 14-song set was mixed by Chris Duggan and features opening cut "The Librarians Are Hiding Something," which was issued as the A-side of the band's recently released 7-inch. Of the LP, Utters guitarist Darius Koski noted that the song cycle pretty quick in the making.

"One of the reasons, I think, was that [guitarist] Jack [Dalrymple] had several songs in various stages of completeness, but once he decided to give [vocalist] Johnny [Bonnel] the music, and have Johnny write the lyrics and vocal melody to his instrumentation, things started to fly," he said in a statement. "So there are several of these Johnny/Jack songs on the record (which marks the first songs Jack's written with us). In that way, it was a brand new writing process for us, so it was pretty exciting, and we're really happy with the way all of these songs came out in the end. "

Koski also noted that the band will be touring throughout 2013, with plans to hit Canada sometime in the summer. However, so far no dates have been announced.

Poorly Formed:

1. The Librarians Are Hiding Something
2. Brains
3. Stuck In a Circle
4. Pour Beans
5. I'm a Little Bit Country
6. In a Video
7. Poorly Formed
8. Greener Grass
9. Temporary Contemporary
10. Take a Walk With the Postman
11. Miltary Barbara Billinglsey
12. Dreadlocked Dread Reggae
13. The Fake Rat of Dave Navarro
14. Sevita Sing