Swiftys Ridin' High

The Swiftys are country music outlaws with a passion for foot-stomping rhythms and fearless guitar rampages. But underneath all that giddy-up momentum is a more introspective look at the little things in life. Ridin’ High is the latest release from Edmonton, AB collaborators the Swiftys, and being so well rounded and finely woven, the record merits at least a handful of spins before you can reach the golden nugget of its centre. The title song, "Ridin’ High,” lays down the groundwork for the entire record, relating how the simple rustic lifestyles of truck drivers, roofers and farmers find rewards within their hardships. "Empty Bottle” gets the electric guitars roaring in a ’70s rock’n’roll manner, while "Lost In The Ruins” takes the time to reflect on love and change. There’s country music and then there are the Swiftys. If you’re looking for an album that goes more than wheat-shaft deep, Ridin’ High will keep you drumming and strumming for countless listens to come. (Independent)