Swervedriver Reissues Set For January

Swervedriver Reissues Set For January
Following a recent reunion and return to the stage, shoegazing vets Swervedriver have finally lined up a little reissue action. On January 6, the band will re-release their first three albums — Raise (1991), Mezcal Head (1993) and Ejector Seat Reservation (1995) — in North America, giving each some choice add-on features and new artistic presentation.

Courtesy of Second Motion/Hi Speed Soul Records, all three records will be digitally remastered, come as deluxe digipaks and feature new extensive liner notes penned by the band themselves. Also, just to put a little more ice on that cake, each LP will now sport a few added bonus tracks, most of which come in the from of various B-sides.

However, the downside to all this is that these reissues are limited edition and won’t be around forever. So if you want to scoop one up, you may want to circle that January 6 release date on your calender.

Here’s what the expanded Swervedriver remasters have in store:


1. "Sci Flyer”
2. "Pile Up”
3. "Son of Mustang Ford”
4. "Deep Seat”
5. "Sandblasted”
6. "Sunset”
7. "Feel So Real”
8. "Sandblasted”
9. "Lead Me Where You Dare”
10. "Hands” *
11. "Anadalucia” *
12. "Kill The Superheroes” *
13. "Over”

Mezcal Head

1. "For Seeking Heat”
2. "Duel”
3. "Blowin' Cool”
4. "MM Abduction”
5. "Last Train To Satansville”
6. "Harry And Maggie”
7. "A Change Is Gonna Come”
8. "Girl On A Motorbike”
9. "Duress”
10. "You Find It Everywhere”
11. "Never Lose That Feeling”
12. "Planes Over the Skyline” *
13. "The Hitcher” *
14. "Cars Converge On Paris” *

Ejector Seat Reservation

1. "Single Finger Salute”
2. "Bring Me the Head of the Fortune Teller”
3. "The Other Jesus”
4. "Son of Jaguar 'E'”
5. "I Am Superman”
6. "Bubbling Up”
7. "Ejector Seat Reservation”
8. "How Does It Feel to Look Like Candy?”
9. "Last Day on Earth”
10. "The Birds”
11. "Maelstrom” *
12. "The Directors Cut Of Your Life” *
13. "Just Sometimes” *
14. "Neon Lights Glow” *

* bonus track

Swervedriver "Last Train to Satansville”